Original artwork by Tamara Yadao ©2023

Chip-Adjacent / Hybrid Playlist Credits:

Composed, Arranged Produced by Tamara Yadao                         

Mix /Mastering: Chris Burke                                                           

“Listener” Mix: Tamara Yadao                                 


Original PETSCII artwork for Graces and Furies EP by Raquel Meyers ©2016

Game Boy Playlist Credits:

Composed, Arranged,  Produced by Tamara Yadao                           

Mix: Chris Burke

Mastering: Rockman Navarro


Compilation Tracks -- Chip-Adjacent / Hybrid music

“Listener” was commissioned by Fried Tofu Recordings for their Remedy compilation, a benefit for the Asian Mental Health Collective. ©2021

I wrote this piece for my niece Gabriela, who passed away in the Spring 2021.
I donated the funds I made from the Control-Flow show at Wonderville in Fall 2021 to the JED foundation in her honor.

In early 2024, I will release the album version of “Listener” on 81 Terpsichore, upcoming Corset Lore release

“Goodnight Empyrean” was commissioned by UK Sheffield netlabel, Pterodactyl Squad, for a Spring 2021 compilation release called Train Radio. Train Radio was a project based around composer, *Minoru Mukaiya’s Japanese train platform jingles sounding at destination stops on the Tokyo subway system. Commissioned artists chose one of these jingles from which to develop a track around. The compilation is an homage to train riding experiences in Japan.

“Goodnight Empyrean” by Corset Lore is based on Mukaiya’s jingle at Tameike-sannō Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Track 1 in the ward of Chiyoda.  ©2021        

*Minoru Mukaiya is also the former keyboardist of late 70s jazz fusion band Casiopea and producer of the mid-90s Train Simulator series of Japanese video games.

“Dog Day” is a chip-synth hybrid track commissioned by Bit Crushed, Buffalo chiptune collective, whose Fall 2020 compilation release Chip for Change was a benefit for the ACLU in support of human rights and social progress.  ©2020      

Graces and Furies -- Game Boy music

Blending the simplicity of the Game Boy sound palette with the programming of a seasoned composer, Corset Lore’s second release Graces and Furies elevates the traditionally humble platform with an uncommon sophistication. From the pensive title track to the surging “Empath,” the EP challenges expectations with ornate, intricate arrangements that intersperse urgency and tension with dramatic hammer-of-the-gods thunder. Stunning artwork by Raquel Meyers completes the circle on a document that stands in a category of its own.   -8bitpeoples.com

“Graces and Furies”

2 Game Boy DMG-01s
Released November 19 by seminal NYC chip music label 8bitpeoples.com

“Waking in the Forest”

1 Game Boy DMG-01
Released November 19 by seminal NYC chip music label 8bitpeoples.com


1 Game Boy DMG-01
Released November 19 by seminal NYC chip music label 8bitpeoples.com

Twilioquest 3 -- Original Super NES Music Contributions

“Explore themes 1 and 2”

Original Corset Lore music contributions for Twilioquest 3,  retro Japanese RPG-style game designed to teach the Twilio cloud communications API through practical programming skills.

Chip-adjacent / Hybrid music
Super NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Sound